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Poly-Wood, LLC is an innovative outdoor furniture company whose mission began in 1990 with two high school friends in an Indiana garage who posed the question, "what happens to all the milk jugs that get recycled?"

After nearly three decades of successful production and growth, Poly-Wood reached out to AMT for consultation. As a team, our goal was to help the company achieve low inventory, maximized efficiency, reduced waste, and timely customer delivery.

We believe in hands-on solutions, so we teamed up with Poly-Wood and acquainted ourselves with their process, staff, and objectives. This ultimately leads to precise, comprehensive knowledge about a company’s operation, narrows down possibilities, and helps us address questions.

Immediately, we began evaluating for areas of improvement and optimization via our Advanced Engineering investigative process. In order to plan for the future, we must understand industry and individual business challenges.

For an automation system to be viable for Poly-Wood, we determined that they would need to expand product demand and sales volumes. To help them achieve this, we utilized our thorough knowledge of their operation to develop and help implement process solutions. Over time, this would promote company growth, increasing throughput and efficiency, until they would be ready to integrate an automation system down the road.




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