Fiberglass manufacture line automation20150326_075829

Applied Manufacturing Technologies was engaged on a project to upgrade an existing Rockwell Automation Allen-Bradley PLC-5 to ControlLogix platform and implement a new product tracking system utilizing carrier barcode and product packing label generation in handshake with an ERP system. In addition, a sophisticated lift assist with product weight capability was implemented as a prototype study for future data analytics of fiber production to ERP. The product in this application is a composite fiberglass roll which is a raw material for many end products. At the time, AMT had already implemented packaging robotic cells in the final shipping line area for this customer. This project was the upgrade/retrofit and to establish a failsafe process for manual product packaging operator lines.

  • PLC Upgrade Challenge - Minimize Downtime
  • Product Tracking Challenge - Increase Reliability
  • Lift Assist Challenge - Future Automation Opportunity


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